Please join me for a very educational webinar, June 22 at Noon, Pacific Time

June 22, 2019

Time: 3:00 pm Eastern

Webinar: Wake Up the Professional Writer Inside You
with Robert Moskowitz, NAIWE’s Professionalism Expert

NAIWE Members: $10
Non-Members: $30

To register:, please send an email to along with your name and telephone number. You will receive an invoice for payment.

Here’s Why You Should Attend: Almost everyone can write. Heck, nearly every high school graduate can cobble together some words and call it writing. Some people can even earn a few bucks as a writer. But if you really want to pursue the writing life, you’ll find you can do it only if you succeed at becoming a professional. Many years ago, I had a dream of writing professionally. I even got a job as a writer. But it was just a job. Two years later, after too many job interviews in which pretty much every 9-to-5-er I met expressed massive regret at having to give up their dream of writing in order to earn a living, I found myself undergoing a three-month epiphany that helped me transform and commit to the writing life. This webinar is informed by that transformation, as well as by my decades of successful professional writing. It will help you determine just how much “fire in the belly” you have around becoming a professional writer and will help you make the adjustments and develop the attributes you need to get there. We will leave the writing itself for another time and emphasize the professionalism involved in a successful professional writing career.

  • Exercises to help you know yourself better
  • Business lessons for the professional writer
  • Opening the pipeline to your creativity
  • Turning good ideas into finished material
  • How to more fully trust your talent and your know-how

Hope to be with you then!

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